About ultra light flight

An ultra-light aircraft is generally a two-seat or a four-seat and usually meets the CAD 7006 of the Civil Aviation Organization, with a maximum weight of 600 kg and used for training, pleasure flight, private, search and rescue military applications. It consists of two groups of airplanes with and without motors.

Pilot training courses

Admission Requirements for pilot training:

  • Valid unexpired passport for non-Iranian citizens with residence permit
  • Be at least 15 years of age
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Mental health and medical clearance from Civil Aviation Organization (CAO) certified doctor
  • No criminal record or criminal punishment
  • Having military service completion card, military service exemption card (except medical exemption), and proof of enrollment for receiving the certification for men.


Fun Flight

Flight is one of the most exciting entertainments. It may look beyond your mind to control an airplane and fly by yourself. Shahin Aviation Training Center gives you the opportunity to your dreams to come true.
You will experience a spectacular flight toward the sky and Caspian Sea by the modern ultra-light airplanes. Each flight ride takes 15 minutes. The passenger are under coverage of insurance.

Shahin technic

Shahin Aviation Training Center is ready to present aircraft maintenance services by professional engineers in ultra-light aircrafts maintenance for the private airplanes. All spare parts are available with the lowest price in this center.

Aircraft Sale

The most modern airplanes from the most creditable ultra-light airplane manufactures with instalments.

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Flight information

Online flight status instantly.

Flight information

Aircraft resources at your fingertips
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