Passenger rights

The Civil Aviation Organization has set up this system to satisfy the honorable passengers and to address their potential problems, in addition to honoring the client, preventing their direct presence and overseeing the activities of their supervised organs.

Passenger Request Registration:

This part of the system is for receiving complaints and handling flight problems of dear passengers in following Sections:


2-Airlines Agencies



Very Important Tips:

* Dear citizens, please do not file a complaint to keep track of your previous complaints, obviously such complaints will not be dealt with. If needed, you can find out the latest status of your request through the Tracking and Tracking Code section.

** Dear Citizens, Please Attach the Documentation if Your Complaint Contains Attachable Documents and Avoid Re-Submitting Complaints and Obtaining New Tracking Code If You Missed Attachments. After reviewing your complaint, system experts will return it to you in the event of a missing attachment and you will be able to re-edit the same complaint and submit the attachment through the same previous tracking code.