Rules and regulations

  1. All ticket purchase operations on this site are subject to current e-commerce laws and any infringement will be prosecuted. The Buyer hereby declares that it is fully aware of all Ticketing Rules and Regulations.
  2. Tickets can be purchased on the internet sales website only with accredited member bank cards.
  3. All times included in the ticket are local time.
  4. Non-transferable tickets and the conditions set forth in the ticket constitute the terms of the contract between the airline and the passenger and the issuance of the ticket by the airline to the passenger constitutes acceptance of all the conditions set forth in the ticket and the current rules and regulations of the airline, On the passenger side.
  5. The buyer is responsible for protecting the reservation number and other codes promulgated by this system.
  6. Since passengers can only be accepted at the airport by presenting and matching the contents of a national card or passport with a ticket, it is therefore the responsibility of the passenger to verify the information entered (name, surname, national number, validity date, etc.) and These documents are required to issue a flight card.
  7. Passengers are responsible for the accuracy of their contact information, including mobile number, landline number and email address on all flights.
  8. To facilitate the purchase process as well as access to the list of bookings purchased and booked online, it is recommended that you register and log in with your username and password.
  9. If the airline announces a concession, it is possible to transfer to the first flight available at the cancellation ticket purchase rate provided by the website support team. Tickets will not be refunded under any circumstances Contact the support team as extradition is not automatic in these circumstances.
  10. Note Ticket refunds are trackable and available from time of issue until any time.
  11. The passenger is over 10 years of age and the aforementioned physical fitness is reviewed by the Deputy Operations and Pilot Pilot
  12. The weight of a passenger on a cruise shall not be more than 90 kg.
  13. Passengers at the airport are required one (1) hour prior to departure.
  14. Shahin Airlines reserves the right to change the flight time and type of aircraft subject to technical or operational restrictions. Change of flight time if there is a sufficient time and the passenger is informed of the correct communication information.
  15. The terms of transportation and other related services and the liability of the airline and its limitations are subject to applicable air traffic laws and regulations. A passenger's use of the airline's services under this ticket constitutes full awareness and acceptance of all applicable and applicable air traffic laws and regulations and airline's current regulations and procedures.